Friends birthday prezzie =]

Friends birthday prezzie =]



Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone Send Another Message To The Paparazzi

They could rule the world

This is what the world needs

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Room mate thought I was off seeing some guy last night..

Little did he know I was actually hanging out with my sister watching Harry Potter and drinking hot chocolate..

Coz I’m an adult and I do whatever I please.

Finally finished! My first oil painting!

Finally finished! My first oil painting!

Touched up a painting I did ages ago.

Touched up a painting I did ages ago.

This is my new painting spot.Pretty view.

This is my new painting spot.
Pretty view.

All moved in to my new house.

Feels weird.

And I miss my sisters even more.


Lindsey Stirling - Stars Align

Still my favorite Lindsey Stirling music video. Come back to Melbourne soon please.

I’m moving house!

And all my stuff is packed up.

So of course I have inspiration do all these difference paintings but…all my stuff is packed away..

And I’m sick, so I’m not at work.
Maybe I’ll watch a movie!
…oh…yeah….all my stuff is packed away..



blackwhiteinkcurves said: Hi. Your art is miraculous.

Aww. Thank you!



When review the days events in your head and just think…

What the hell just happened?

Yeah. That’s what today was.

thec-los said: love your paintings i paint too, and im struggling to finish so im gonna start another haha. BTW you are really good.

Aww thank you!

Starting new ones is the best part.


When you’re lying in bed trying to sleep.
And suddenly you know exactly what your next painting should be.
But it’s 3:00am.
And you have important things to do in the morning.
And you’ve already got 5 other paintings on the go.
And your bed is incredibly warm.